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writing that kicks butt

workshop heaven


Try the Kick Butt tasting menu,
a sampler of Tooth + Nail’s creative workshop.
Write faster, with more punch, and no cliches.
 (Give the prezi time to load–packed with fab examples!)



PromaxBDA 2015

evil genius


We’re under siege, people.  No more Nice Promo Guy.  
Summon your evil genius to lure viewers in, blend, and use promos as a gateway to harder content.
Heh heh heh. Secrets within.
Give the Prezi time to load and, then, destroy the evidence.




burn your keyboard

burn your keyboard

Unpack a slew of tips for better copy:
• Great beginnings
• Burn or Bravo
• Outside the box
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Then wait for all the great videos to upload.



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Linda Button, brand personality expert

Linda Button

Brand Personality Expert.
Button creates positions, campaigns, and in-house workshops for the biggest brands in entertainment: Food Network, TBS, Travel Channel, ABC, HBO, CNN, CBS, PBS, Bell Media, Sesame Street, Scripps Interactive Networks, and others. Her goal: help clients, viewers, and creative departments see their brands in a new light. Click.
Writer, international speaker, and martial artist, Button strives to make every connection meaningful.



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instant inspiration


instant inspiration

Red Hong Yi and 2o
other artists lead the pack
for brilliant Instagrams.
Click the photo to see more.


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